What questions are answered in The Authentic Brand book?

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  • Today, many successful and popular brands are created without an advertising budget. How is this done?
  • How can a company create a dedicated brand following?
  • Can a company be steered strictly by consumer-centric or customer-driven needs?
  • What brand or corporate characteristics command our attention and why — and how does emotion come into play when creating strong customer connectivity?
  • How are “sticky” brands born and sustained?
  • How do an entrepreneur’s leadership traits and styles shape the building of a brand?
  • What are some of the key ingredients needed to build brand equity such that when the business is sold, it demands top dollar – selling for a multiple of revenues that ignores all logical accounting principals or formulas?

Each of these questions was considered before interviewing our entrepreneurs. Therefore, this book evolved into an examination of how contrasting, highly successful business leaders have built devoted brand followings through non-traditional marketing and management practices. For these reasons, the marketing intelligence and essentials for creating genuine, connective brands – found in the words of these entrepreneurs – is priceless.

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