What is authenticity?

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In accordance with some of the definitions found for the word “authentic,” the one referred to here is: worthy of belief and trust, and neither false nor unoriginal — in short, genuine and original.

Authenticity produces connectivity with highly satisfied customers through touching people at an emotional level, driven by such product or corporate traits as unparalleled quality, commitment to customer service, true concern for the community, charitable involvement, and the remarkable business cultures these entrepreneurs have created. It is plain, in our contemporary society; we are constantly inundated with commercial messages.  Breaking through this clutter can mean remarkable success for entrepreneurs, business leaders and managers alike.  Our purchasing decisions are influenced by so many factors. These range from packaging (and what it emotes) and the advertising messages we received during our formative years — to the tone and feel of a company’s message about its brand.  How a brand resonates with its customers is also influenced by positive editorial feature stories generated by public relations and personal recommendations or word-of-mouth, perhaps the two most influential factors.  Think about your own purchasing decisions. In the end, sustainability and staying power comes down to the ability of the company to keep its brand promise.  In short, authenticity.

In recent years, consumer product marketing has changed.  Years ago, many companies, particularly the well-known giants, used a mix of print, radio and television advertising to establish their brand.  Today, this model is proving difficult for companies building a new brand from the ground up.  Cost of entry, the dilution of media and the fact that we are bombarded with so many messages limit the feasibility of the earlier model.  Beyond that, today’s savvy customer expects and demands more than could be provided through the old advertising model. These days people value and reward companies that provide exceptional quality and service and stand for something beyond profits.

Just as today’s consumers choose products and services for the value they offer, they also consider the values of the person or the company behind the brand – – – they are looking for authenticity.  Simon Sinek, an intuitive marketing consultant and the founder of Sinek Partners, says, “People are loyal to companies that offer more than just products and their associated benefits.  They buy a lifestyle, purpose, cause or belief.”  The entrepreneurs featured here have successfully connected at this level, offering genuine and original customer experiences – and stand for a lifestyle, cause or belief system.

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